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Future City

We believe that economic growth shouldn’t come with an environmental cost. That’s why we’re building innovative environmental and economic sustainability through our Future Peterborough programme, which Opportunity Peterborough runs in partnership with Peterborough City Council.

Since we were made one of just four UK Future City Demonstrators in 2013, Peterborough has become one of the UK’s top Smart Cities. Others look to us to see how urban infrastructure, processes and systems can be integrated and how future challenges can be addressed.

In partnership with the British Standards Institute (BSI) and UrbanDNA, we’ve developed a DFID-funded Smart City Leadership Programme which we’ve successfully delivered in the Indian city of Amaravati and for the state of Madhya Pradesh, with more cities planning to adopt the programme very soon! We’ve also played a central role in supporting the development of smart city standards which provide a blueprint for new and existing cities to maximise resident wellbeing, optimise growth and ensure efficient use of public resource through smart technology.

Our Future Peterborough team is also making headlines for its circular economy achievements and ambitions.

The Circular Peterborough initiative aims to make the most of the resources we have locally, supporting economic resilience, improving efficiency and productivity, whilst developing strong communities and increasing environmental sustainability. Initiatives like the Circular Peterborough Commitment and Share Peterborough platform are all contributing to helping Peterborough, and its businesses, become waste free by 2050!

Our Future Circular Cities Conference 2019 helped us to open up even more collaboration opportunities with like minded cities and regions that want to achieve a fully circular economy.

Focussing on the future through approaches like Digital City, means we’re delivering value by helping our city and its businesses to become more resilient.

Increased investor confidence underpinned by the city’s new initiatives continues to help our local companies establish a resilient presence and deliver exceptional growth.

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The latest data available shows that between 2014-2017, Peterborough was among the top 15 cities for business stock growth.

Confidence in the local economy has been endorsed by new arrivals and new developments. The Roxhill Gateway Peterborough site is well on the way to creating 6,000 jobs and the heart of the city continues to flourish in the restaurant and retail sectors as Fletton Quays creates even more prime retail and residential opportunities in our city centre.


Peterborough has a population of around 198,900 has a slightly younger demographic profile than average, with 40% of the population aged 29 and under compared with 38% in the UK and 36% in the East.

Peterborough also has a lower proportion of people aged 65+ in comparison to the regional averages and a more diverse and multicultural community with around 13% non-white British compared to 12% in England and 7% in the region, and well over 100 languages spoken within the city.

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