Guided by our smart city and circular economy expertise, businesses are finding new ways to improve efficiency, save money and the planet.

Guided by our smart city and circular economy expertise, businesses are finding new ways to improve efficiency, save money and the planet.

Since we were made one of just four UK Future City Demonstrators in 2013, Peterborough has become one of the UK’s top Smart Cities and a world class circular economy pioneer. Others look to us to see how urban infrastructure, processes and systems can be integrated and how future challenges can be addressed.


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Government funding to deliver innovative low carbon heat and energy project

The Future is Circular

Our Future Circular Cities Conference 2019 helped us facilitate even more collaboration opportunities with like-minded cities and regions that want to achieve a fully circular economy.

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Our achievements and ambitious plans continue to put Peterborough into the international spotlight.

Critical to our smart city success has been the £30 million full-fibre gigabit network in place across Peterborough. We’ve been getting buy-in from businesses who are maximising the lifespan of resources, tracing materials as they circulate in the economy, finding new ways to use waste, and ultimately, reducing our reliance on raw materials.

These initiatives are all delivered jointly by Peterborough City Council and the city’s economic development company, Opportunity Peterborough, bringing together the private and public sectors to achieve maximum impact.

Most recently, in 2022 nearly £15million of funding was secured from the Government to run one of the most innovative infrastructure projects in the UK – which will deliver low carbon heat and electrical power to key businesses and public buildings. Called, the Peterborough Integrated Renewables Infrastructure project (PIRI) it has the potential to make Peterborough one of the first carbon zero cities. 

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In partnership with the British Standards Institute (BSI) and UrbanDNA, we developed a DFID-funded Smart City Leadership Programme which we’ve successfully delivered in the Indian city of Amaravati and for the state of Madhya Pradesh, with more cities in other continents set to adopt the programme very soon! We’ve also played a central role in developing smart city standards, providing a blueprint for new and existing cities to maximise resident wellbeing, optimise growth and use smart technology to efficiently use public resources.

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A variety of programmes are supporting change at grass-roots level. We’re working in partnership with international organisations like the Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN) and British Standards Institute (BSI), as well as local one like Peterborough Environmental City Trust (PECT), founders of Investors in the Environment. Peterborough is also collaborating with over 40 international partners on the European funded GrowIN 4.0 programme to help small and medium sized manufacturers digitise their processes while also reducing waste in all forms and using circular economy principles to get the most out of our resources.

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