Five key business sectors are set to grow significantly over the next 20 years here

Five key business sectors are set to grow significantly over the next 20 years here

An area of opportunity

The Greater Peterborough area is home to over 26,000 businesses and over 300,000 jobs. With a target to double GVA by 2040, nearly £2 billion has been invested over the last 3 years alone to enhance infrastructure, optimise digital connectivity, and develop the skills businesses really need.


Manufacturing and Advanced Materials

3D printers, food manufacturing, robotics, composites and polymers – our manufacturers are in good company and remain at the cutting edge of industry.

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Digital and IT

Our high start up rates have been supported by grass roots business communities that don’t just network, they actively support members to improve skills, share knowledge and expertise.

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Agri-Food and Drink

The entire supply chain can be found in Greater Peterborough. Food manufaturers and robotics specialists are streamlining processes to improve productivity, supply chain visibility and quality control. At the other end of the chain, growers have access to 60% of Grade One agricultural land in the country, an agile workforce, and fantastic connectivity that allows goods to be moved quickly around the country and abroad.

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The region has ambitious development plans to house its growing population, improve infrastructure, reduce travel times, and support our key sectors. As a city with a heritage in brick-making, construction remains very much at the heart of our economy.

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A central location, affordable operating costs, and gigabit connectivity is making Peterborough an increasingly popular choice for businesses that need logistics solutions. Home to Amazon, Yearsley Group, and Lawrence David, it’s not just the specialists moving to Peterborough. Businesses like URBN, Coloplast and IKEA, have based significant operations here to reap the benefits of automated but affordable, warehousing.

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