The Peterborough Potential

Peterborough attracts business. Our success is not only testament to our commercial appeal, but also the unfailing energy and enthusiasm being channelled towards creating a vibrant, accessible, forward-looking city.

Did You Know?

  • We’re one of four UK Future City Demonstrators
  • We’re only 45 minutes from London with the fastest intra-city commuting speeds in the UK
  • We have a working age population of 124,500 (63% of total)
  • Peterborough’s employment rate is 74%
  • We have a productivity of £27,595 (GVA per  head of population) – higher than both the UK and regional rates.
  • Gross Value Added: around £5.4bn
  • 26 of the top 100 businesses in Cambridgeshire are based in Peterborough

Want more data?
Download the Economic Intelligence Report 2019 or get in touch with Opportunity Peterborough.

Why Peterborough?

High quality companies and smart investors are continually joining us and our local companies are thriving too. It’s because:

  • We’re an ambitious city with a diverse economy and clear plans for smart growth
  • We’re one of the UK’s fastest growing cities
  • We’re supported by a £1billion regeneration programme helping us become an attractive and resilient future city
  • We’re working to create the UK’s environment capital and to become the country’s first circular city

We’re changing the way our urban systems work through our smart city programme and creating the UK’s environment capital to help our industries establish sustainable businesses in Peterborough.

We’re well connected too; excellent infrastructure, rapid access, and a full-fibre internet delivering gigabit speed connectivity all help remove barriers to growth and mean new businesses can hit the ground running.

There’s never been a better time to invest. Come and see us and discover why we’re becoming known as the city of choice for smart investors.